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3rd November 2023

Plus 7 and dry when driving in...A very wet day yesterday. 14mm here.

It was heavy ground by the time Samatian ran at Stratford and the poor chap just could not go in it.. It has not been a good autumn for his owner Norman Carter with his horse who wants good ground, not firm or heavy..

As you know my mood was not at its best yesterday, but I did take my hat off to Lingfield clerk of the course Stephanie Wethered for ringing me to apologise.. Accepted, and we move on..

Just when I thought my day was brightening up, the post arrived, and in it was one of those letters that you never know whether you should open or not.. I was tempted and I did….Parking Charge Notice..

My car was filmed leaving the car park at Cheltenham station at 00:27 on October 16th.. That was the morning after the night I was in London to see Diana Ross.. My car park ticket for the day not two! £50 fine to be paid now or £100 in 28 days time!

There were fitting winners of Thursday’s foal show at the inaugural British National Hunt Breeders Showcase (sale today)as the first prizes went to representatives from Little Lodge Farm and Goldford Stud.

Mrs B and I joined Cornelius Lysaght, Jim and Margaret Old and Melinda Wilson for supper in The Fuzzy Duck.. sadly Oliver and Tanya Sherwood who were coming had to pull out ..

Friday morning brought Carys, Katherine and Christina Naylor and Phillip and Hilda Jones were here for a morning on the gallops and breakfast after purchasing a voucher at a charity event supporting Midlands Air Ambulance. 

Emma Fowler was here third lot to see her KBRS horse by Jack Hobbs.. he will shortly be named..

Please take a minute out your day to sign this important petition  on betting afordability/financial risk checks.

I am one very Proud parent.. Well done Archie... Its official now.. Just rewards for Mrs B who has driven Archie miles around the country helping him chasing his dream to be a pro cricketer.

India crush Sri Lanka to reach semi finals.

We have no runners today..Ffos Las under water!

We have a new owner of the month.. Ron Wadey..

Guy from the TV licence knocked on Pat’s door and asked to see his TV Licence.

Pat told him ‘’I don’t have a telly’’

and the guy said but you’ve got an aerial on your roof...

Pat said ‘I’ve got a pint of milk in the fridge that does not mean I’ve got a cow’.