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5th February 2021

Plus 5 and dry when driving in.

Terribly sad news yesterday.. Sam Vestey died..

Sam Vestey was a remarkable man and for Cheltenham racecourse he almost God.. He and Edward Gillespie oversaw a huge change there and the makings of what it is today.

Sam Vestey was a man of the people and although that might sound strange but he was.. It did not matter who you were, he had time for you.

Thoughts to his family and daughters Saffron and Flora and especially to William, Arthur and Mary who has sadly lost their mother Ce Ce only a few weeks ago.. The Vestey’s will be hugely missed.

Shropshire was almost barmy and sunny when I arrived there yesterday.. Saw some lovely horses and a very rewarding visit. The journey home was the opposite.. Pouring with rain and shocking driving conditions..

David Bass is really becoming the months celebrity.. The Racing Post featured him earlier this week and in todays edition of the Horse and Hound he features in a two page spread.. Again I know many of you won’t possibly read this horsey magazine so I will endeavour to photo and link again..

Marcus Armytage of the Daily Telegraph I know is, as I type, penning a few lines for a feature in his paper.. Not sure how much David is enjoying all this publicity although I am sure he will be happier when the Guardian feature him.

There was a really interesting programme on TV last night.. Coastal Ireland.. I have travelled up and down Ireland over the years looking at horses but I have missed out seeing so much of this stunning country.. I must rectify that asap.

Friday morning and no runners..

I woke to Channel 4 cricket.. England were going well until 20 minutes before lunch..

Good news.. God I hope so,..

Graham Potts was in for his Friday visit.. a couple of scopes and home..

Late last night following the EU vaccine debacle. Boris left a voicemail for Emmanuel Macron, and for a laugh, left the message in German.

Macron phoned him back later and said,’’Boris, I got your message but I am afraid I don’t speak German’’

Boris paused for a second and replied ’’and who do you think you should thank for that?’’

To finish.. Happy birthday to my brother in law.. Michael Wills.. enjoy your birthday Michael with your feet up..

Todays non virus video nasty