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5th September 2019

Plus 8 and dry when driving in. A cloudy start to the day.

I am not a political animal but yesterday was perhaps one of the most embarrassing days that I can remember..

I have always held and believed in the fact that Parliament was the constitutional institution that it was supposed to be, but what I watched yesterday was just earth cringingly awful.

I don’t care what party you support, we should all be embarrassed by what we witnessed.. Brussels must be laughing their head off..We have become the political laughing stock of the world??

Enough of that..even the cricket, which started with hope, soon sunk too.. the biggest cheers of the day came when a beach ball, which blew across the pitch, was hit for 4 by Steve Smith..
Rant over..

Liz Humphrey  and Sue Taylor were here third lot to see their KBRP horses  Shinobi, Yeavering Belle and Pond Road..

We have  a new owners of the Month.. Steve and Chris Adams..

When I ran a restaurant in Sydney many years ago with a chap called Max Whitby.. he always said .. 'However depressed somebody gets they just might need to get away for a night and go out to eat. Our job is to make sure that person comes to our restaurant'.

Last night Clare and I went to the Giggling Squid for supper.. and it was packed..

Here are the last 5 older facts as sent over by Sandra Arkwright..

16. The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.

17. These days I spend a lot of the time thinking about the hereafter;  I go somewhere to get something and then wonder...what am I here after?

18. Funny, I don't remember being absent-minded.            

19. It is a lot better to be seen than viewed.

20. Have I sent this message to you before... or, did I get it from you?!