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11th January 2024

Plus 2 and dry when driving in.

It was bitterly cold here yesterday.

Not as cold at Doncanter where Jack Hope started his career in the bumper.. He showed up for a long way and tired in the home straight. David Bass very positive about him as he felt there was loads to come in the future.

Thursday might be our easy day, but trying to sort running plans and jockey plans with three big meetings on Saturday. 48 hour declarations at this time of year really don’t help when you end up watching weather forecasts and trying to do what is best for horse and owners alike.

Paddy drags a huge box all the way to the antiques roadshow which is appearing in his town that week.

‘Where did you get this,’ asks the expert

‘Its been in our loft for 80 years,’ says Paddy

‘I see’ says the expert and ‘do you have insurance,’ he adds

‘No replies’ Paddy ‘do you think I should?’

‘Yeah’ replies the expert ‘its your water tank.’

To finish.. Happy birthday to my goddaughter Lottie F-G.. enjoying life down under..