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11th May 2022

Plus 11 and drizzling when driving in..

Wednesday is our work morning.. Not many left in the yard to work.

David Bass was in. Ciaran Gethings was not as he left for France last night.. He is riding over there.

Mike and Gerda Hayes were here to see their KBRS horse Galante de Romay .. She is on holiday out at grass..

The first 'store sale' was held in Ireland yesterday.. Store means unbroken 3 year olds..

Tattersalls Ireland held their May sale and prices were strong suggesting that next weeks Goffs at Doncaster will be likewise.. The top end of yesterdays sale was most filled by Irish point to point trainers finding suitable horse to run in points next season before sending them back to one of the many boutique sales.

I know you are not going to believe this but I am lunching at Worcester.. The sponsors of the second race are old friends and they have asked me if I would come along and support.. I will see another side of Worcester.. I will report tomorrow?

Talking Worcester.. Why are there three jump meetings today? Newton Abbot, Worcester and Perth..

This made me chuckle.

The fallible BBC voice-recognition software has struck again.

The subtitles for a report on Afghanistan said that “the Taliban have decreed all women shall wear the Bercow”.

Is there no end to their brutality?

The world is changing and in modern dating apparently you might have to ask.... 'So.. have you always been a woman?'