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13th January 2024

0 degrees and dry when driving in.

A family night out at the cinema watching One Life....A film that must be seen in a cinema and take a handkerchief or a box of tissues!

A busy day on the racecourse.

I am heading to Wetherby to saddle Killigarth, Trelawne and Sprucefontiers

Mrs B is heading to Warwick to saddle Two For Gold while Mat heads to Kempton to saddle Brendas Asking and Chianti Classico.

For my thoughts on all their chances please click here.

We have no runners tomorrow.

Paul Mulgrew sent this one over..

A bride on her wedding night says to her husband, "I must confess darling, I used to be a hooker."

He says, "That's a bit of a shock dear, but I must admit, I find it quite erotic. Tell me about it."

She replies, .. "Well my name was Nigel and I played for Wigan".!