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11th August 2015

Plus 12 when driving in.

A busy morning here this morning with Tom Bellamy in for two lots, Gary Liptrot and Karl Parr here first lot to see Gary's horse Kilty Caul.

Third lot we had a visit from Virginia Johnson who came to see her horses Monkhouse and Lady of Llanarmon. She brought her grandson William Hunter along with her who has just finished his studies at the Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester. 

Vince Burmingham also came this morning and brought his daughter, Nicola, along for her first visit to Thorndale Farm to see his horses Savant Bleu, Silver Eagle, Milord, Knockanrawley and Ascotdeux Nellerie. Ken Price was also with Vince and came with his granddaughter, Rosie.

Graham Potts came in for his weekly visit and there were no movers or shakers in the handicap this week.