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15th February 2019

Minus 2 and dry when driving in. Very Foggy first thing.

David Bass was in for two lots, then it turned out to be three lots this morning... we were going to do some jumping first lot, but delayed until after second due to the overnight frost and then delayed it again until after third lot.. frost out by then...

We jumped Alfie Corbitt, Another Venture, Bandon Roc, Ben Arthur, Charbel, Cloone Lady, First Flow, Gallows Point, Hes No Trouble, Illuminated Beauty, Imperial Aura, Lots Of Luck, Newtide, Pond Road, Rose To Fame, Sea Story, Silver Kayf and Station Master.

Racing is very much back on the map after the flu break but please don’t think flu has gone away as there have been at least 6 new outbreaks in Worcestershire and all of these are in non vaccinated horses.

The horses concerned were not racehorse but riding horses, hunters, ponies etc, so racing must keep up that vigilance as it could all too easily rear its ugly head again.

Always good to know that my blog is being read in far off places

Morning Kim, just to let you know that we have continued to follow you and your blog avidly whilst on our travels. 

First of all we followed you from Siem Reap in Cambodia, then from on board the Jahan for a week sailing from Cambodia to Saigon in Vietnam, via Phnom Penh.  Extraordinarily and horrifying war history all through here. 

Now we follow you from Phan Thiet, along with the masses of kite surfers, on the south east coast of Vietnam. 

Tomorrow we will following both you and Charbel from Hong Kong..All the best Pete.

No runners again today but we do start again tomorrow. .

You can tell racing is back on the agenda when this was tweeted yesterday.

'Blokes missus told him not to forget Valantines day on Thursday.

He responded with.. ''Who trains it and where does it run?''

Not quite last nights conversation but Click Here..