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17th February 2023

Plus 6 and dry when driving in...

Tom Scudamore announced his retirement from the saddle yesterday..Tom.. What a great jockey and what an ambassador to our sport. A true gentleman.

Michael and Mary Dulverton was here third lot to see their horses canter up the gallops.
31 non runners at Newcastle yesterday due to drying and rough ground...yes February!
Hard to believe that todays meeting at Fakenham was called off for fast ground!
Fakenham is a fabulous racecourse, but not one I go to very often. Frankly it is miles from here and even when you drive through Newmarket you have over another hour to go. Not a good journey in a Tesla!
Talking Tesla.. it is just over 3 years since I took delivery of mine and over 100k later I can tell you I would not buy another one!!
My accountant suggested that I should buy one as it is one of the few cars that you can put through the Buisness, so taking his advice, I did.. driving a Tesla is a seriously fun experience, it is super quick and hugs the road like a go kart, but it also has huge pitfalls.. how far can you go on a full charge? (230) ..
Wincanton is the furthest South I can get there and back on and the M5 and M4 are ok for fast charging. Exeter races has one charging point which if I can capture it I can charge for the journey home, but frankly most racecourses need planning and an extended coffee break!
As yet I have never been unable to find a charger, but I envisage that happening before too long.
It is not a car for long journeys which is why I buggered up my back spending a week as a passenger in David Bass’s car. It also means I am inclined to spend most journeys on my own.. nobody fancies the charging process!
As a run around and with planning it is brilliant, and mine is free electricity away from home charging.. but god knows how the country is going to ready to go fully electric by 2030!!
I will not be using it for a couple of weeks. No runners today.
England have a slight lead on the second day of the first Test against New Zealand..

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