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17th March 2020

Plus 5 and dry when driving in.

The birds were singing early. They were happy, but sadly unless you are a bird there is nothing much to cheep about.

Yes we had a winner yesterday with the hugely imposing The Edgar Wallace in the bumper at Hereford yesterday, but one has to wonder how much longer we will be racing.

The Grand National meeting has gone which surely means that Royal Ascot will be next.

We are living in very strange and hugely worrying times and what we will see and find when all this ends god only knows.

We carry on as normal until forced to do otherwise. Horses need looking after..

Graham Potts our vet was in for his Tuesday visit.

This weeks movers and shakers in the BHA handicap charts are..

Doctor Haze down 3 to 104, Drumreagh down 5 to 88, Happygolucky up 2 to 139, Lots Of Luck up 7 to 103, Miss Gemstone down 1 to 103, Newtide down 2 to 142, Vinndication up 2 to 161 and Imperial Aura up a whopping 14 to 157..Another Venture enters at 130 over hurdles while Prince Llywelyn enters at 110

A big day for Mrs B as I am taking her to South Meads Hospital for her most important x-rays to see if her 6 months in a neck collar is over.. I just pray it is as the alternative is not one she needs right now..

Clare has had virtually 6 months being home bound and all I can say is that she has found it very difficult, but as she said it had to be done.

Just to add to the day Archie is having an MRI to see if he has a broken his heel!

Marcus Armytage and I were going to be hosting and Mr Frisk 30th Grand National Anniversary party in 10 days time.. Sadly we have decided to postpone.. We are ever hopeful that we can reschedule for later in the year..?

Yes we are racing today at Wetherby (behind closed doors) where we have three runners. Commodore Barry, Pond Road and Party Fuzz all head there and for my thoughts please click here.

Important to laugh.. We must try.Angela Cookson sent this over...One to watch