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17th June 2023

Plus 14 and dry when driving in. Thunderstorms around..

What a delight..

Test Cricket played by England is just so exciting. After years of watching stodgy Test cricket to watch this side play like they are really is entertainment at its best..ROOOOOOT.

Those lucky enough to be at Edgbaston yesterday had sun and great cricket to watch.. The pints flowed and the noise increased as the evening sun set.

Ciaran Gethings was in this morning. David Bass was not.. he watched and listened to the Artic Monkeys last night…. I don’t believe he made a guest appearance. Anyway it was enough to stay away for a night...

I headed to London mid morning .. Letting the train take the strain..Not to see The Trooping Of The Colour but to have lunch with Max Whitby..

Max and I worked together in Sydney when I was 19 .. Max was the manager of a restaurant called Harpoon Harry’s in Sydney and I was his assistant….

I bored him to tears about my dream of winning the Grand National, so much so that he eventually went into racing and now owns a stud in Australia and one in New Zealand..Strangely enough he left the restaurant trade and went into the finance world.. a boy done well…

Harry B and I had lunch with him when I was in Sydney three years ago, so it is my turn to return the favour while he is over.. Max heads to Royal Ascot on Tuesday and then home..

The whip debate keeps rearing its ugly head.. Jockeys banned for whip offences under the new rules.. . They know the rules and frankly it is their fault if broken.. If I get caught doing 35 in a 30 mph area I would be annoyed, but I broke the law..and expect a fine, and under totting up rules.. a ban..

Ireland are changing their whip rules from July 3..

To finish.. A very happy birthday to Nick Cook.. Ex England Spinner and KBRS owner.. Have a fun day Nick..