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17th June 2022

Plus 14 and very dry when driving in.. Heatwave today..Rain tomorrow..

Royal Ascot yesterday was alive with colour. It was exciting and fun.. Even more so being with the Clancy Clan.

It is an annual invite to the Clancy Box and Thursday is their family day..Clare and I feel honoured to always be included.. as Kevin always says that I am a very easy guest to please as all it costs is a bottle of red wine.. or two!

Two For Gold was a huge topic as Andrew Fundell, Stephen Cannon, Mathew Cannon and the May We Never Be Found Out Partnership ring leader Kevin were all in attendance.. Oli Bell was apparently too busy to pop up, but at least their jockey David Bass, and his better half Viktoria Gatu did.

There really was plenty to celebrate after last season, it was such great one for their horse and having a box at Ascot when TFG was such a gallant second in the Betfair Chase (Grade One) there in February was special.

ARC were in the next door box so we had plenty of chat about their 'excellent prize' money at Lingfield.. Well TFG won their Fleur De Lys Chase in January.

The ever charming Stephen Cannon told me that he had been to a Surgeon’s conference ( I am sure it had a far more suitable name) in Bristol earlier in the week and listened to an excellent talk from our local Orthopaedic surgical dignitary Dr Guy Rooker..They met up after and of course Guy, who is an avid blog reader and also racing follower had backed Two For Gold in this years Grand National..Plenty to talk about..

It was day of plenty of chat and leg pulling, something that did not go down well with Kevin who was still supported by a crutch having broken his hip skiing..

We left before the last and called in on The Stump on the way home to buy a pizza for Archie .. Guess who we found having supper there.... Guy and Jessica Rooker!

Friday morning and a very hot day ahead.. Yes back to Royal Ascot today.. Not something I was planning, but then we did not expect Ajero to get a run.. Amazingly 18 horses came out and Ajero has scraped in the Duke Of Edinburgh and he is not without a chance.. For my thoughts please click here.

Good morning Kim, Your blog joke on teachers and chickens a few weeks ago reminded me of an occasion some years ago when I attended a school speech day at the end of the summer term.

The much admired retiring head was giving their final address to a room full of proud parents.

In their speech the head described how one of the school governors had asked the head what they planned to do in retirement.

“I plan to become a chicken farmer” was the reply.

The governor thought this was an interesting choice and enquired the reason behind this decision.

The smiling head replied “because chickens don’t have parents and you can wring their necks!’

BW, Guy Rooker..

To finish.. Happy birthday to Nick Cook..