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19th October 2016

Plus 7 and dry when driving in.

David Bass and Ed Bailey were in to ride out this morning. Plenty worked and a video can be seen here.

Yesterday was spent tidying up my schooling ground for when we have had enough rain to use it full time.

Every year we wait on wetter ground to use it, but currently it is pretty firm.

Interestingly I keep a log on when we start using it and this week is about the first time we have set foot on it and that was two years ago after a wet summer. Last year it was the end of October before the ground was idea for mass schooling over fences.

I never restuff my fences until November as we need the leaves to have fallen off the birch.. you might well ask why.. well if you stuff the fences with leaves on you have to do it again when they fall off.. it is all about mass... For now we are, like every other year, just jumping horses on the all-weather.

Francis Flood died yesterday morning aged 86.. A good innings.. Francis trained Glencaraig Lady to win the 1972 Cheltenham Gold Cup.. She was some mare as she would have won the year before but for falling in front 3 from home leaving the race at the mercy of L’Escargot. Francis also trained Bobsline  and Garoupe.

We have one runner at Fontwell today in the lucky last.. The bumper. Jupiters Gift is the smallest horse in the yard and Mike Hamill rides her which means that he takes a valuable 7lbs off her back. For my thoughts on their chances please click here.

Sadly I am not going to be at Fontwell as I have a meeting in London followed by a dinner in the Turf Club.

It is the Turf Clubs annual racing dinner and as Sandra Steer-Fowler has part leased Pulling Power to them for the season (as last season) I have to tell them about her plans etc.

The Turf Club have much to celebrate this year as they have leased Mrs Danvers this season.. Even Brian the barman has a share...

Jack Jones who is my pupil assistant is having his first days racing as my representative.

I know that one of my owners went for his annual health check yesterday.. he asked..

Doctor, how can I live longer than 100 years?

Do you smoke?..No.

Do you eat too much?..No.

Do you go to bed late?..No.

Do you have affairs with promiscuous women?..No.

Then why would you want to live more than 100 years?

Gigaclear was installed at home yesterday.. we are stepping up our broadband speeds.. at last.