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21st July 2016

Plus 13 and dry when driving in.

Thursday is our easy day during the winter, but not at this time of year...Plenty more road work to be done.

Trevor Mennell brought his grandson Liam Carter for a trial morning.

Liam, who has been riding in pony races is mad keen to become involved in racing and is about to go the BRS in Newmarket; Liam is looking for somewhere to work when he has finished his course.. No better place?

Sandra Steer-Fowler was up to take Such A Legend home and drop off Pulling Power, and of course see her other home bred Fizzy Dancer..

If you fancy some fun as an owner and don't fancy the purchasing costs then why not lease Fizzy Dancer for the winter.. She must surely win races on her current form and looks to have improved after her summer break. Give me a ring 01242890241 or email for more information

Ron Withecombe’s right hand man Jeremy Perkins called in to chat about various thoughts on stable or agricameras etc..

We have no runners today at Worcester.. Our intended runner was ballotted out.. Summer racing has become very popular this year with loads of runners.


I am heading to Lords later with Archie and Patrick Clarkson.. Middlesex v Surrey T20 Blast.. Should be fun.

Ian Sheffield who has a share in Jupiters Gift sent this one over..

Two friends Dave and Jim go down the pub

Jim says " it was my birthday last week "

Dave " did you get any decent presents ?"

Jim. " All my mates down the cricket club chipped in and bought me a sweater "

Dave " A sweater ? That's a bit dissapointing isn't it"

Jim " Yes it was really. I was hoping for a panter or a squealer "

You might enjoy this video..