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24th May 2023

Plus 7 and dry when driving in.

Imperial Admiral ran better at Huntingdon yesterday, but there is still room for improvement..

Day two of the Goffs Sales at Doncaster produced another record breaking day.. The top price horse was bought to go point to pointing in Ireland and then for re sale after winning!!

Today it is the horses in training and Irish point to pointer section..

We are selling two horse tomorrow.. Picks Lad and Artic Saint.. Both horses are sound..Please ring me or see Mat at the sales tomorrow if you would like any further information..

David Bass and Ciaran Gethings were in this morning to ride out..

Andy who is currently rebuilding the stone wall (fell down during the snow)  is a keen blog reader and also a part time comedian..

This is one of his start up jokes..

A few years back, a planning application for a mobile phone transmitter divided my local village

Some residents, against the issue, would say to me, we don’t want a giant metal tower ruining our landscape, our house prices dropping, and all the health risks from those dangerous rays going through our bodies. Oh, I agree, I replied.

Others, who wanted it, said to me, so good to have a mobile signal in the valley, the emergency services won’t get lost and our house prices will rise due to the strong mobile signal. Oh, I agree, I replied

This upset some, wanting me to be more decisive and argue at least one way or the other.

What people didn’t know, is that I did have a strong view over the issue, it’s just that I didn’t want to discuss it. And why was that?

My father had always warned me about the dangers of too much mast debating.