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27th November 2019

Plus 8 and raining when driving in. Another wet day ahead..

It was not a great day weather wise yesterday. Yes it rained.

So wet was I that when Michael Kay rang to see if I was going to Southwell I was able to say.. Yes, I will see you at sunny Southwell.. Bizarrely it was, having rained most of the way there, it was sunny when I arrived..!

I don’t like running two horses in the same race.. just in case they finished first and need a gap.. yesterdays runners did have a gap.

Java Point finished 4th.. Not a bad run as frankly he is a staying hurdler not a bumper horse..Happy.. While What A Baloo who has to be one of the most backward horses in the yard ran well for a long way, then his effort petered out on the very soft ground. The experience surely will have done him the world of good and hopefully we will see a more switched on horse next time.. Racing is a learning curve ..

David Bass was in this morning.. Not many to work although we jumped Fubar, Miss Gemstone and Espoir De Romay and Sadlermor - You can watch them working here: First Lot, Second Lot,

John and Laura Garrett were here third lot to see their KBRP horses Pond Road, Red River, Adjourned, Lord Apparelli, The Bull Mccabe, Commodore Barry and their Racing For Maggies horse Another Venture

Graham Potts our vet was in this morning.. he failed to make it yesterday.. Flooded in?

Talking weather as we do..Racing this weekend is under threat. Newcastle are putting down frost covers while Doncaster are manning their pumps!

We have three runners today at Hereford where I fear the ground will be pretty testing.. Anyway we run. Lots Of Luck, Illuminated Beauty and Party Fuzz and for my thoughts on their chances please click here.

Archie grabbed my camera over the weekend and took all these photos.. Talent? Too dark for mine this morning.

Neil Kennedy (friend of John Perriss) sent this over..

The times' printed this (true) story about my son's headmaster's final school report which read....... 'if ignorance is bliss, this boy is in for a life of undiluted happiness'!

PS.. Andrew Neil.. Not sure I would fancy being interviewed by him....But they make for good viewing..