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7th May 2020

It was plus 3 and dry first thing this morning.

Yesterday was all about poo picking the paddocks.. Mat doing the driving of the tractor while my team picked up the droppings..

All while I had an enjoyable time walking round the fields admiring the horses on holiday with about 30 geese for company.. While walking I was sending videos to the horses owners.. Pictures of some from yesterday on the blog today.

Today a long Zoom meeting planned with members of the RSA..

Racing waiting with baited breath for Sunday, and Boris and his announcements

Karen Master who has has in our KBRP horse Does He Know has made up these questions as something to do while furloughed

1.    A father and son respectively trained and rode the winning horse of the 1999 Grand National, what was the surname of this father and son and what was the horse called?

2.    What was Michael Stoute’s first Derby winner?

3.    The Queen has her own thoroughbred breeding stud, on which of the Royal Estates is this situated?

4.    Who was Desert Orchid’s sire?

5.    When and where was Red Rum born?

6.    In what year was the first running of The Derby?

7.    Which racecourse is officially recognised as the oldest racecourse in the UK?

8.    According to the BHA, how many racecourses are there in the UK?

9.    How many individual bets make up a Yankee?

10.    Lester Piggott shares his birthday with which annual event?

11.    Where is the Happy Valley racecourse?

12.    What connects Garrison Savannah in 1991, Party Politics in 1995 and Blue Charm in 1999?

13.    Over what distance is the Breeders Cup run?

14.    In 1987, the Jockey Club disqualified a horse that had eaten what?

15.    Which former jockey wrote over 40 international bestsellers all based around racing?

16.    On 30 November 2013, Kim Bailey entered two grey horses in the same race, one the favourite and the second having its first outing – the outsider won!  What were the names of these two horses?

17.    How many characters are the names of registered thoroughbred horses limited to in the US?

18.    Who was the first jockey to receive a Knighthood?

19.    Scientists have shown that the majority of all modern English thoroughbreds are descended from one British stallion, what was his name?

20.    Name the seven racecourses in the UK beginning with C?

Todays non virus video nasty